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Udupi Pincode / Post Office Search (UDUPI, Karnataka)

Achladi B.O 576225UdupiKarnataka
Adi-udupi B.O 576101UdupiKarnataka
Admar B.O 574119UdupiKarnataka
Airody B.O 576226UdupiKarnataka
Alevoor B.O 574118UdupiKarnataka
Ambalapadi S.O 576103UdupiKarnataka
Arekandige B.O 576124UdupiKarnataka
Aroor B.O 576213UdupiKarnataka
Athradi B.O 576107UdupiKarnataka
Avarse B.O 576223UdupiKarnataka
Avral B.O 574103UdupiKarnataka
Bada B.O 574117UdupiKarnataka
Baidabettu B.O 576234UdupiKarnataka
Baikadi B.O 576213UdupiKarnataka
Bannadi B.O 576225UdupiKarnataka
Bannanje S.O 576101UdupiKarnataka
Barkur S.O 576210UdupiKarnataka
Belapu B.O 574117UdupiKarnataka
Bellarpadi B.O 576113UdupiKarnataka
Bennekudru B.O 576210UdupiKarnataka
Bhairanje B.O 576107UdupiKarnataka
Bhantakal B.O 574115UdupiKarnataka
Brahmavara S.O 576213UdupiKarnataka
Chanthar B.O 576213UdupiKarnataka
Cherkadi S.O 576215UdupiKarnataka
Chitpadi B.O 576101UdupiKarnataka
Haluvalli B.O 576215UdupiKarnataka
Hanehalli B.O 576210UdupiKarnataka
Haradi B.O 576213UdupiKarnataka
Havanje B.O 576124UdupiKarnataka
Hejmadi S.O 574103UdupiKarnataka
Herga B.O 576107UdupiKarnataka
Herur B.O 576213UdupiKarnataka
Herur-92 B.O 574115UdupiKarnataka
Hiliyana B.O 576212UdupiKarnataka
Hirebettu B.O 576107UdupiKarnataka
Hiriadka S.O 576113UdupiKarnataka
Hoode B.O 576115UdupiKarnataka
Hosala B.O 576210UdupiKarnataka
Innanje B.O 576122UdupiKarnataka
Kadekar B.O 576103UdupiKarnataka
Kadur B.O 576234UdupiKarnataka
Kakkunje B.O 576222UdupiKarnataka
Kalsanka S.O 576101UdupiKarnataka
Karje B.O 576215UdupiKarnataka
Karkada B.O 576225UdupiKarnataka
Kattingere B.O 576120UdupiKarnataka
Kaup S.O 574106UdupiKarnataka
Kavadi B.O 576210UdupiKarnataka
Kemmannu S.O 576115UdupiKarnataka
Kemmundel B.O 574119UdupiKarnataka
Kenjur B.O 576234UdupiKarnataka
Kidiyur B.O 576103UdupiKarnataka
Kinnimulki B.O 576101UdupiKarnataka
Kodibengre B.O 576218UdupiKarnataka
Kokkarne S.O 576234UdupiKarnataka
Kolalagiri B.O 576105UdupiKarnataka
Kota S.O 576221UdupiKarnataka
Kotathattu B.O 576221UdupiKarnataka
Kudi B.O 576113UdupiKarnataka
Kudrukere B.O 576108UdupiKarnataka
Kukkehalli B.O 576124UdupiKarnataka
Kukkikatte B.O 576101UdupiKarnataka
Kumragodu B.O 576213UdupiKarnataka
Kundapura H.O 576201UdupiKarnataka
Kunjal B.O 576213UdupiKarnataka
Kunjibettu S.O 576102UdupiKarnataka
Kuthpadi B.O 574118UdupiKarnataka
Kuthyar B.O 574116UdupiKarnataka
Majur B.O 574106UdupiKarnataka
Mallar B.O 574106UdupiKarnataka
Malpe S.O 576108UdupiKarnataka
Manchikodi B.O 576102UdupiKarnataka
Mandarthi S.O 576223UdupiKarnataka
Manipal H.O 576104UdupiKarnataka
Manipura B.O 576120UdupiKarnataka
Manur B.O 576221UdupiKarnataka
Marne B.O 576120UdupiKarnataka
Matapadi B.O 576213UdupiKarnataka
Mattar B.O 574116UdupiKarnataka
Mattu B.O 574105UdupiKarnataka
Moodubelle S.O 576120UdupiKarnataka
Muddumane B.O 576223UdupiKarnataka
Nadur B.O 576223UdupiKarnataka
Nalkur B.O 576234UdupiKarnataka
Nanchar B.O 576234UdupiKarnataka
Nandikur B.O 574111UdupiKarnataka
Neelavara B.O 576213UdupiKarnataka
Nittur B.O 576103UdupiKarnataka
Padebettu B.O 574111UdupiKarnataka
Padubelle B.O 574116UdupiKarnataka
Padubidri S.O 574111UdupiKarnataka
Padur B.O 574106UdupiKarnataka
Paduyermal B.O 574119UdupiKarnataka
Palimar S.O 574112UdupiKarnataka
Pangala S.O 576122UdupiKarnataka
Paniyur B.O 574117UdupiKarnataka
Parampalli B.O 576225UdupiKarnataka
Parkala S.O 576107UdupiKarnataka
Patla B.O 576107UdupiKarnataka
Perdur S.O 576124UdupiKarnataka
Pernal B.O 574116UdupiKarnataka
Pernankila B.O 576113UdupiKarnataka
Pithrodi B.O 574118UdupiKarnataka
Puttur B.O 576105UdupiKarnataka
Salikeri B.O 576213UdupiKarnataka
Santhur B.O 574111UdupiKarnataka
Sasthan S.O 576226UdupiKarnataka
Shiriyara B.O 576210UdupiKarnataka
Shiroor B.O 576124UdupiKarnataka
Shirva S.O 574116UdupiKarnataka
Shivalli B.O 576102UdupiKarnataka
Tenkabettu B.O 576105UdupiKarnataka
Thottam B.O 576108UdupiKarnataka
Uchila S.O 574117UdupiKarnataka
Udupi H.O 576101UdupiKarnataka
Udyavara S.O 574118UdupiKarnataka
Uppur B.O 576105UdupiKarnataka
Vandar B.O 576223UdupiKarnataka
Yedabettu B.O 576226UdupiKarnataka
Yedthadi B.O 576210UdupiKarnataka
Yellur B.O 574113UdupiKarnataka
Yermal S.O 574119UdupiKarnataka

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.